Genetically Modified Wine: Would You Buy It?

Genetically Modified Wine: Would You Buy It?

According to New Scientist magazine, a researcher at a Chinese university has created a supervine by adding an extra gene from a Chinese vine. The gene supposedly triggers causes the vine to produce six times the normal amount of the resveratrol in the grapes. Resveratrol is the anti-oxidant linked to increased longevity and other health benefits.

Would you buy a wine based on these additional health benefits? Would you need to see more proof or do you think that at even six times the amount of resveratrol, it's still not significant enough to make you buy that wine? (Of course, the wine itself would have taste good.)

Another recent study...

... has indicated that we'd need to drink the equivalent of 100 bottles of wine a day to get the full benefit from resveratrol. But there seems to be a new study out every week and the trick is trying to understand their net findings to date.

Organic wines are one of the fastest growing segments of the wine market, could hi-res wines be next?


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