Green Wineries


Green Wineries


The University of California, Davis (UC Davis), famous for its viticulture programs, plans to build the "greenest" winery on the planet, according to Mike Dunne in the Sacramento Bee. To minimize its carbon footprint, this winery will be solar powered, carbon dioxide from fermentation will be contained and cleaning solutions will be reused, among other initiatives. The university has already raised $9.5 million of the estimated $10.5 million needed for the project.

As an agricultural product, wine benefits from the perception of being environmentally friendly. (Those sunlit scenes of swaying vines on the labels help too.) However, vineyards can have a negative impact on the surrounding eco-system, from deforestation to plant the vines to run-off water with pesticides and soil erosion. Fortunately, more and more winemakers are taking steps toward sustainable farming and organic practices.

What's your opinion on wine's impact on the environment. Do these issues have any influence in the wines you buy?


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