Sippy Cup Wine


Sippy Cup Wine

The Bordeaux wine producer Cordier Mestrezat Grands Crus is known for fine wines that can retail for more than $3,000. So it was quite a departure recently when it launched its latest line of wine in cartons with straws. Tandem, the brand name of the line, has a straw with four holes that help to simulate drinking wine from a glass.

Straw_carton_wine Of course, like TetraPaks, cans, boxes and plastic bottles, the Tandem line is designed to make wine more "fun and accessible," especially for that elusive wine drinking bunch in their twenties who can't seem to kick alcopops. And France, in particular, is looking for ways to modernize its image in the face of fierce competition from New World countries, such as Australia, Chile and South Africa.

But is this the way to go? A large part of the pleasure of wine is ...

... in smelling its aromas. I can't imagine you get much of those when sucking through a straw. In the attempt to demystify wine, there's also the danger of taking away its magic. What do you think?


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