Taking Your Wine's Temperature

Taking Your Wine's Temperature

Has anyone else had the experience in a restaurant of being served a white wine too cold, numbing its aromas, or a red wine too warm, making it taste alcoholic and flabby? I think red wines are best at about 55-60oF, though some light reds, such as beaujolais, are better served at cooler white-wine temperatures for refreshment. (That advice about room temperature goes back to medieval times when castles were chillier than today's centrally heated homes.) Whites are best at 45-50oF. When you pour them, the glass shouldn't mist over.

Do you agree with these temperatures?

Would you use different temperatures for the same grape, say cabernet or shiraz, from different regions?

At what temperature would you serve other wines, such as port and sherry?

What's been your best and worst wine temperature experiences?


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