Your Favorite "Wine Opening System"?

Your Favorite "Wine Opening System"?


To wrap up wine gadgets and gizmos week, let's talk about the "wine opening systems" we like best. I use this press release phrase because not everyone uses a corkscrew, as Flicka 618 pointed out in our discussion on Tuesday. He (she?) uses Vacu-vin.

My favorite corkscrew is the one mounted on my kitchen counter pictured above from the Wine Enthusiast catalogue. It reduces the pounds of pressure (and muscle mass) needed to open the wine, which is crucial when you're opening 30 bottles ... our typical consumption at dinner. (Kidding, of course: I taste a lot of wines at home for evaluation and then reluctantly throw out the rest of the bottle after a small sip. I'd have the equivalent of tennis elbow-- wine writer's wrist?-- if I didn't have a great corkscrew.)

What is your ...

... favorite corkscrew?

How many corkscrews do you own?

Got an antique or an unusual one?


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