A Great Dessert Wine

A Great Dessert Wine


In their column in today's Wall Street Journal, Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher extol the virtues of Muscat Canelli as a dessert wine ... I have to agree. This lovely, light wine, which they so aptly characterize as "wine sorbet" with aromas of "honeysuckle, apricots, peaches and just-picked grapes," pairs beautifully with fruit flans, biscotti and other desserts that aren't too heavy or rich. It also drinks well with soft cheeses, almonds, hazelnuts, and is a to-die-for combination with melon balls wrapped in ham.

Their favorite wine of the tasting is ...

... the 2003 Robert Recota Winery Mocato d'Andrea from Napa Valley.

One of the muscats I've enjoyed from Alsace, France is from Alliant-Laugner (Hubert Laugner), an aromatic wine with wonderful notes of orange peel and spice. It's medium dry and retails for about $17. Score: 88/100. And I adore Moscato d'Asti from a variety of producers in Italy. This lightly effervescent wine with a touch of sweetness is the perfect ending to a wonderful meal (just 5.5% alcohol) or works as an aperitif.

Have you tried many muscat wines? Discovered any profoundly pleasurable dessert combinations?


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