Millions of Women Drink Too Much Wine: Blame Big Glasses


Millions of Women Drink Too Much Wine: Blame Big Glasses


Millions of middle-class British women are drinking too much wine, according to a recent report in the Daily Telegraph. Large wine glasses are one of the culprits, according to a government study cited in the story. Where a glass of wine used to be considered one unit of alcohol, the larger glasses are now considered two. Up to a third of women, particularly those in professional and managerial jobs,exceed the recommended weekly limit and consume more than 30 percent more than those in manual and routine jobs.

I suspect that North American women can't be far removed from these results. This is so disappointing. Just when we had started to get rid of those terrible little golf-ball-sized glasses and start drinking from glasses that allowed us to swirl and smell the wine without actually sloshing it on our shirts, along comes this study.

Of course, I'm no advocate of excessive consumption, however, I rather liked the idea of a glass of wine being one of those mega-sized ones from Riedel. Oh well ...

I guess it's time re-evaluate just how much I'm consuming. My suspicion (and hope) is that eventually new studies will reveal that the net benefits of two to three glasses of wine a day for women outweigh the disadvantages.

Do you think about your consumption according to number of glasses consumed or is it more in terms of the percentage of a bottle drained? Do you think about higher-alcohol wines differently than you do low-alcohol ones?


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