Women Winemakers: A Natural Advantage?

Women Winemakers: A Natural Advantage?


Some of my favorite wines happen to be made by women or were originally made famous by women, from the great veuves (widows) of Champagne to the cult classics of California. I'm interested in whether there really is any difference between the way that women and men approach winemaking.

To dig into this area, I'll be traveling to Santa Rosa next month to be one of the judges in the National Women's Wine Competition. All wines are made by women, and will be judged by women.

Afterwards, I'll meet with a number of talented women vintners, many of whose names appear on their labels: Gina Gallo, Delia Viader, Merry Edwards, Kathleen Heitz Myers, Joy Sterling (Iron Horse) and Dominica Trotty (Beaulieu Vineyards).

Do you think that there is ...

... a difference between wines made by women and those made by men? Some studies have shown that women have more tastebuds than men, and that more women are supertasters. Then there are the notions that women are detail-oriented and nurturing.

However, are these just stereotypes and does it really just come down to talent and hard work, regardless of gender? Which wines made by women have you enjoyed lately?


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