Wine Bottles Wholesale
Wine Bottles Wholesale

For many, making their own wine is a nice hobby to be enjoyed by many, but there are several cases where you start making wine and just don't quite know what to do with it? You start bottling it and saving. If you an amatuer vintner and are starting to make larger batches of wine, then you can start bottling it by puchasing wine bottles wholesale. By purchasing cheap wine bottles on the cheap, you can then start making larger batches of wine without worrying about it turning before it's been enjoyed.

Purchasing wine bottles wholesale tends to involve purchasing them by the case, which normally has about 12 bottles per. In addition to the bottles, you will also have to purchase the corks for sealing your wine after you've bottled. For many familiar with wine, which if you're making it you obviously are, wine bottles tend to come in several sizes wholesale. They are
  • 375 ml- for stronger wines and those made in small batches
  • 750 ml- the standard for most batches of wine
  • 1.5 ltr- the largest standard wine bottle typically used. You should never go much larger than this.

Wholesale Wine Bottles

In addition to the sizes, the various companies who sell wholesale wine bottles have a wide selection of colors. You should select a color bottle that compliments the wine you make, both visually and preserving. A different color bottle should be used for every different variety of wine.Wholesale Wine Bottles
  • Clear- works best for Rose and Whites
  • Yellow or Amber- best for zinfendel
  • Green or Blue- typically your reds, like merlots and cabs
  • Various Color- best for fruit wines

For each type of wine, a different type of bottle will comlimet it. If you think about it, putting a deep red merlot in a yellow bottle wouldn't be that visually appealing, plus it could cause it to turn faster if left in the sun for too long (you should know better).

The final option to decide on is whether you would like a flat bottom bottle or one with a punt, the indent in the bottom of the bottle. The punt, while there is no universal reason for it, is usually considered to be a good thing for wine bottles, especially wholesale. The punt is typically explained as being helpful for keeping the bottle stable when on the table, adds strength to the bottle, allows sediment to settle better, and enhancing the look of the wine by allowing more light in. Whichever you decide on, a puntt should usually be used when bottling your own wine.

If you are looking to bottle your own alcoholic creation, consider shopping for wine bottles wholesale. You will save a small fortune if you shop around.


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