Which Comes First: Wine or Success?


Which Comes First: Wine or Success?

The more successful you are, the more you drink wine, according to a study reported in the British newspaper The Independent. Apparently, CEOs of large companies drink an average of three bottles a week (23 units of alcohol), while other professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and doctors, are not far behind at 20 units. Men tend to drink more than women, the study found, and the English drink more than the Scots or Welsh. (Clearly, my clan wasn't part of this study.)

While recent studies have shown alcohol consumption trending down, the researchers believe that the opposite may be true because ...

... of larger wine glasses (so participants under-report their consumption), easier access to wine in middle class families and other factors.

Various studies link wine more than any other alcohol to health benefits or to success, but is that because of wine itself or because of the type of person wine attracts?


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