Vintage Film: Do Wine Movies Work?


Vintage Film: Do Wine Movies Work?

"Bottle Shock," the movie about the famous 1976 Paris Tasting in which American wine triumphed over French, has opened to mixed reviews at the Sundance Festival, according to Decanter. The movie has several marquee stars playing key role, including Bill Pullman and Alan Rickman. Meanwhile, another movie based on the same event, "Judgement in Paris," has been delayed in its release due to the writers' strike.

Of course, the wine movie that was wildly successful in the mainstream was Sideways. Since then, Peter Mayle's lovely book "A Good Year" was adapted for film with Russell Crowe. However, the movie received mixed reviews.

Has there been a ...

... movie about wine that you've thoroughly enjoyed? Is the topic too niche to lend itself successfully to great plot and character development?

What would your dream movie about wine be and whom would you cast in the leading roles? (Personally, I wouldn't care much as long as I was the on-set wine taster and adviser for a documentary about first growth Bordeaux.)


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