Women and Wine: Guess How Much We Buy?

Women and Wine: Guess How Much We Buy?


After last week's rollicking good chat about wine and the Millennials (21-30 year-olds), I thought you might be interested in another intriguing statistic about wine buying behavior and demographics.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Thach at Sonoma State University, women now buy 80 percent of the wine purchased in America. That suprised me. I know that women have traditionally been the household shoppers, but wine has long been thought of as a product largely bought by men.

Women not only buy the wine, we drink it too. A 2005 article in the New York Times reported that we drink more than 60 percent of wine. That too may have increased in the last two years.

What are the implications?

I think we're already seeing a lot more wine marketed to women, and not just the low-cal and low-carb versions. There are also more women than ever in the wine business, from winemakers to sommeliers.

How do you think the purchasing power of women will change the wine market?


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