The Pleasure of Half Bottles


The Pleasure of Half Bottles


The Wall Street Journal wine columnists, Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, recently wrote an excellent column on half bottles of wine. They see an increase in the quality and variety of this format, which is ideal for various occasions and lifestyles as they note: the husband drinks but the wife doesn't (or vice versa, of course), a couple wants to try two different wines to match different courses and those who simply want to cut down on their wine consumption.

I'm a huge fan of half bottles, but the variety and quality in my local liquor stores isn't there yet, nor are there as many half bottles on ...

... restaurant wine lists as I'd like. There's nothing better than starting a meal with a half bottle of bubbly: it gives you about a glass and half each.

What do you think of half bottles? Do you have a decent selection in your hometown?


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