White & Blush Wines

White & Blush Wines
White wine bottles
White & Blush Wines

Reisling bottle

Riesling is one of the less-appreciated grape varietals in the Western World. However, if there is one New York State wine that is "world class, this is it! Forward fruit, crispness, and purity are all hallmarks of our Riesling that support its gold medal quality and remarkable ability at the table. Riesling is extraordinarily flexible with Asian and Latin dishes. It is also infinitely capable with smoked and saltier dishes. Put simply, "it is a wine of quiet and enlightened persuasion and pleasure".

Chardonnay bottle

The world's greatest white wine, although some might challenge this notion surely, Chardonnay's popularity is unquestioned. A slow, cool fermentation and a wonderful vintage yield a rich, buttery mouthfeel. Layered flavors of vanilla and toasted nuts also result from malolactic fermentation and extended aging. Like other varietals, our Chardonnay offers enthusiasts a refined, full-bodied wine that carries a dramatic style of it's own.

Harvest Moon White bottle
Harvest Moon White

This Cayuga/Vidal blend exhibits intense peach and ripe apricot aromas. Its semi-dry style and well balanced acidity make it a perfect complement for spicy dishes, fish, or just relaxing with good company.

Black Dirt Blush bottle
Harvest Moon White

This rather unique wine is a blend of Catawba, Vincent and Delaware grapes which are varieties native to Eastern North America. These grapes make for an excellent blush wine with abundant flavors of grape and apricot. Excellent served chilled as an aperitif.


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