Wine Journals: Do You Use One?

Wine Journals: Do You Use One?


I've often flipped through wine journals in the bookstore and wondered how many wine lovers use one to record their tasting notes. These can be useful diaries when trying to remember bottles that you want to buy again, or simply to record memories of wines tasted, where you were and with whom you shared them.

Do you use a wine journal? What makes for a useful one? Do you prefer those that have a space to affix the label that you remove from the bottle? Some of those I've noticed in the bookstore include ...

Wine Journal by Lynn Vaughan

The Wine Log: A Journal Companion by
by Chris Pavone

The Wine Buyer's Record Book by Ralph Steadman

Tried any of these? Steadman, by the way, is a hilarious artist who illustrations on wine and other topics is iconic and witty.


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