Your Favorite Decanter?


Your Favorite Decanter?

I'm wondering which decanter you like best? For me, a decanter needs to be large enough to hold the contents of a standard bottle, with some room at the top to allow the wine to breathe. Decanters that maximize the wine-to-air surface ratio are best for young wines, while those with narrow necks that reduce air exposure are better for older wines that just need their sediment removed.

My favorite of all is the Riedel duck decanter above. Not only does it do well on the wine-to-air ratio, but it's incredibly stable and balanced when you're pouring, an important consideration when you've got a white tablecloth (or a guest with a white shirt). I've posted links here to retailers and wine accessory shops that sell it and others.

Do you have a ...

... decanter that you love?

Ever shop for decanters at antique stores or flea markets? Some of them can have such interesting designs ... they're wonderfully collectible.


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