Have Wine Bag, Will Travel

Have Wine Bag, Will Travel


The new restrictions on the contents of our carry-on luggage during air travel have meant that many us no longer take home bottles of wine from our trips. Wrapping a bottle in clothes in our checked luggage seems risky for both the wine and our clothes.

A new product called BottleWise Duo seems to offer a solution. This soft-sided bag fits in your checked luggage and protects one to two bottles. It retails for about $50. The water-proof interior also protects your clothes in the "unlikely event of breakage." (Why does this remind me our the airline attendant schpiel about the "unlikely event of an accident over water"?)

I'm sure this isn't the only product ...

... developed for this purpose, and I'd be interested in hearing about others as well as novel non-commercial ideas for keeping your wine safe.

As the holidays approach, taking wine to friends or bringing it back from vacation destinations is something we think about more often. I like the concept. Do you?


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